Tears of a Clown

Dumb criminals come up with awful disguises all the time but at least this guy had the foresight to throw in a little entertainment value. Ya know, something for the kids.
The mugshot above is 20yr. old Steven Hawthorne from Alexandria, LA. He decided he was going to head out and make a couple extra bucks by robbing his neighbors. Like any good criminal Hawthorne knew he would need a good disguise to conceal his identity. All the years of clown college didn't really pay off though, turns out it's pretty easy to find a guy dressed as a clown armed with a knife. Clown man was wandering around his neighborhood when the cops were called with a report of an armed clown standing in someones yard. Hey did anyone order a clown? When cops arrived the clown had scattered but a witness near by pointed them to a house just down the street. Officers saw a painted face peeking out the window and knew they had their man. Hawthorne came to the door in his full clown get-up including the crazy wig, painted face, and a red bandanna over his face. Officers questioned the clown and he came clean and even showed them where he dumped his knife. The 20yr. old was booked on charges of criminal trespass, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia. No word if his clown car was searched.
The Town Talk has the full story

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