That's Soooo Crescent Fresh

Back before MTV turned into a network filled with whiny teenagers and no music what so ever they used to be kind of cool. In the 90's they took some big chances on some weird shows. A couple spring to mind like The State or Liquid Television which gave us Beavis & Butthead and Aeon Flux. One of my favorite shows from that time was the sock puppet duo of Sifl and Olly. The brain child of Liam Lynch and Matt Crocco Sifl & Olly were just two young dudes who happen to be sock puppets and host their own brand of public access TV show. The show only ran for 3 seasons before MTV gave it the boot like so many other great shows before it. Regular segments on S&O including chatting with Chester their stoner assistant, Precious Roy's Home Shopping Network, and some original tunes. Personal favorites being 'Llama School' and 'Prostitute Laundry' to name a few.
If you're like me and have been jonesing for more S&O because MTV has refused to release the show on DVD for so many years worry no more because Sifl and Olly are back!!!
The sock puppet team has joined forces with Machinima for a run of web episodes starting off with video game reviews for fake games. Awesome!!! The clip below is Sifl convincing Olly to come back and do the show after ten years. Of course, Chester is there too keeping things crescent fresh.
Check out Liam Lynch's YouTube channel here for more great videos.

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