The Shining 2?

Stephen King made the announcement the other day that he would be releasing to his 1977 book The Shining and it will hit shelves on next week, September 24th. The follow-up will be titled Doctor Sleep and will track the adult life of Danny Torrance. Danny is all grown up and is taking care of the elderly in a retirement home. Real scary I know, but it gets better. Danny has now harnessed his psychic abilities and helps those who are about to die. This all goes well until a group of psychic vampires show up. Say what!?!
King said one of the big reasons he returned to the Shining was that he always wondered "what happened to that kid". No word yet on whether or not this will be made into another major motion picture. Stanley Kubrick took the helm in 1980 horror classic and Stephen King brought it back again in the late '90s as a made for TV movie. Most prefer the Kubrick version, but not King. There's always been a rumor that Stephen King hated Kubrick's take on his book so he made the TV version which was stayed closer to the story in the book. NME has the story

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