"Dad, I think he's gonna pork her."

Customers at Paddy Murhpy's bar in Orlando this past Tuesday night were treated to a little something extra with their dinner and drinks, a live sex show!! It goes great with the brownie ice cream and a cup of coffee. Police were called to the bar Tuesday night after the manager complained that a couple was having sex on top of a table outside in view of families with children and people walking by. The manager, Tom Murphy, told a local news crew that at first they were just making out and things got sexy after that. Murphy approached the screwing duo and asked them to stop but they just kept on humping. After asking again a fight broke out and that's when Murphy called the police. Jeremy Calo, 32, and his date were arrested for skipping out on their $101 tab and Calo was charged for the fight. However, since none of the patrons of the bar wanted to file a report about the "table sex" both Calo and his date weren't charged for that part of the evening.
Sun News Network has the story

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