Grandma Grows Ganja

Damn!! All my grandma ever had at her house was cookies and old board games, I should of hanging out with these two old stoners. Police over in Bedford, England said they received a call from an elderly couple that thinks they might have been tricked into buying a pot plant at a local flea market. Grandma & Grandpa were browsing plants when they came across a small green shrub, they liked it so much they decided to buy it, take it home, and plant it in the backyard. After weeks and weeks of careful grooming and watering they were surprised to find out that they in fact purchased a marijuana plant. They called police and the responding officers were so shocked at what they found they posted a picture to their twitter account(above). The elderly pair had no idea and pleaded ignorance which was good enough for the cops. Officers said they won't be charged with any crimes and the plant would be disposed of immediately. They also might want to start patrolling this local flea market before someone else's nan & pa catch a super buzz. I mean look at that fucking thing, it's a monster. Well taken care of too, they could of gotten a nice yield off that bad boy. Oh well, it's up in smoke now.
Guardian UK has the story

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