#9 - House on the Edge of the Park

Another deranged exploitation flick from the Italians, this time around it's courtesy of director Ruggero Deodato, best known for the cult classic "Cannibal Holocaust". "House on the Edge of the Park" came out back in 1980 and isn't what I would classify as a date movie mostly due in part to the number of rape scenes through out. Apart from a cast of nobodies except for the main character Alex played by David Hess(Last House on the Left, the movie itself is pretty brutal. The story goes like this, Alex is a part time mechanic and full time psycho who takes part in rape as a sport. Along with with retarded friend Ricky, Alex is invited to a fancy party by a customer at his garage. A thank you of sorts for fixing the car. Once Alex and Ricky show up to the party things get a little weird, Alex takes it upon himself to rape all the women and torture all the men while he has them locked inside the party. Like I said, no exactly a date night movie.

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