Music Video Thursday

I think we're due for another Music Video Thursday so why the hell not. Kind of swinging things in the way hip hop today but I sprinkled in some death metal down at the bottom with some new tracks from Dying Fetus and Revocation. Toss in a little WTF and you got yourself a stew baby!! Start things off with a little nostalgia, back in the day when MTV still played music videos. This isn't from the glory days of the '80s but any kid who watched MTV in the '90s will remember this beauty, Green Jell-O's "Little Pig, Little Pig". I still remember going out and buying this album on cassette tape based solely on what I saw and heard in this video from 1993. The rest of the album wasn't that bad, it was comparable to the Red Hot Chili Peppers on lots of acid and ecstasy. The band disappeared over the years but this song will live forever.

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