My Vagina Is So High Right Now

It's funny, just this past weekend I was sitting around the house thinking to myself, "If you had to hide a bunch of vials of cocaine could they all fit up inside your snatch?" Not having a vagina I had to just assume and leave it at that. Well apparently the magic number is 36, you can hide 36 vials of coke inside your vagina, 29 if you want to keep things lady like.
Pictured above is 22yr. old Ashley Bellamy and she likes to use her stank box as her secret hiding spot. Bellamy and a male partner were picked up by Philadelphia police early Saturday morning after a drug deal went bad. The hiding spot and her man were selling cocaine out of their car when they were approached by a customer. After the customer told the pair he wanted $50 in drugs they told him to go back inside the convenient store he just came out of and get more money. The man buying the cocaine felt threatened about having to withdraw more money so he called the cops. Yes, because if there's one things the cops will understand it's feeling creeped out about a drug deal at 5 in the morning. When the cops arrived on the scene they apprehended Bellamy and her male friend, 23yr. old Marcus Gibson. Bellamy exited the vehicle and the cops noticed something a little off about how Miss Bellamy was walking, almost like she was holding something between her legs. Turns out it was her stash of cocaine and she admitted right away to the police that she was hiding something, "I have crack in my vagina."
A female officer was called in for a cavity search and hit the "Crack in the Vagina" jackpot!! 36 vials all together fell out of the female suspect, that's got to be some kind of North American record. Someone needs to look into this. Both Bellamy and Gibson were charged at the scene with violating the Health & Safety Act for drug possession and drug dealing. The customer trying to purchase some rock was not booked since an actual drug transaction never occurred. When Bellamy's vagina was reached for comment all it had to say was "God I'm so fucking high!! Turn up the music, I love this song!!"
Delco Times has the full story

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