Nelly Busted at the Texas Border

I don't know which part of this story is more amazing, the part about the amount of drugs cops found on Nelly or the fact that people are still paying their hard earned money to see Nelly in concert. Shit, I had no idea the dude was still in the rap game but apparently he is. St. Louis rapper Nelly was detained by border agents in Texas after they stopped his tour bus for a quick search of drugs. A drug sniffing dog indicated there was illegal drugs on the bus and a search by agents turned up 36 small bags of heroin and a duffle bag full of marijuana. I'd have to do all those drugs too if I was making shit music like that. Nelly along with 6 other passengers were taken in by police and all but 5, including Nelly were released after a member of the entourage fessed up and told the police it all belonged to him. Which is a shame really, the cops had a chance to do the whole world a favor by locking Nelly away and save the rest of us from ever having to hear his music again. Like I said earlier, I had no idea this dude was even still relevant in the music world today but I guess there's still enough people out there that want to hear him rap over his own CD for 30 minutes. I had the displeasure of seeing this D-bag in concert once, probably one of the worst things I've ever seen on stage and that includes high school talent shows. Dude showed up over an hour late then proceeded to do a medley of his hits while rapping over the studio version of the songs. Not the beats, the actual song. So that meant he was just singing over himself the whole show. The best part was the guy following him around stage with a plugged in desk lamp because I guess the giant house light weren't enough. I still can't really explain that move. NME has the full story

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