'The Other Dream Team'

IF you were like me back in 1992 you got swept up in the Olympics and the epic ass kicking that was the American Dream Team. Jordan, Bird, Magic and the rest of the best of what the NBA had to offer took to the international basketball court and completely dominated everything and everyone who got in their way. Of course, you know the rest of the story. However, behind all the hoopla of the Dream Team was a little team out of Lithuania. They weren't picked to beat anybody let alone win a single game. At the time Lithuania was fighting for their independence from Russia and trying to find their own identity, not just in the game of basketball but on a global level. 'The Other Dream Team' documents the trials and tribulations the Lithuanian men's basketball team had to endure not just at the Olympics but also back in their homeland. With a little help from Jerry and the boys from The Grateful Dead they found their identity. They might not have won the gold that year but the progress they made on and off the court in 1992 helped liberate an entire country. This great documentary directed by Marius A. Markevicius came out last week but unfortunately you'll have to do a little digging to find this one as it never received a theatrical release. If you're a sports fan or even just a fan of good triumphing over evil you'll enjoy it.

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