Who Wants A Tobacco Enema? Anyone?

Over the last couple of days one of the big news stories has been about the college kid who gave himself a wine enema or as it's called in the frat house, "butt chugging". I did a post on it a couple pages back. Well it turns out this kid was a little behind the curve when it comes to sticking legal drugs up your ass. Behold the wonder of the Tobacco Enema Kit!! Pictured above, the enema kit was invented back in the 17th century and was common practice back then for unclogging that troublesome turd and was even used as a tool for bringing someone back from the dead. Apparently, doctors back then believed that the stimulants found in tobacco could resurrect the dead by blowing a little smoke up their ass or down thru their nose. I'm guessing the fail rate was pretty high with this little contraption and just made things worse. Not sure if you could pick this up at the local pharmacy or the enema kit was something you had to order out of a catalog. The kit above dates back to 1774 which means while the founders of this country were fighting for independence somewhere a doctor was sticking this up someone's ass to bring them back to life. We've all come a very long way and personally I'm glad that someone invented those heart paddles that shock you back to life. Don't think I'd opt for this procedure. Check out BoingBoing for more on the story

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