You're Not Going to Eat That Are You?

Stories like this aren't real uncommon, drug dealer gets raided by the cops, cops arrest dealer, and dealer goes to jail. Well, this time around there's a bit of a weird twist at the end. Police in Easton, PA got a tip that led them to a local drug dealer and his large stash of drugs early this morning. Cops say 26yr. old Anthony Rowe was suspecting of peddling heroin and pot out of his Easton home and they wanted to put a stop to it. A raid was carried out earlier this morning with doors being kicked in and cops coming in hot. Inside Rowe's home cops found about $1,000 worth of heroin and a small amount of marijuana that totaled about $100. Not a major bust by any means, my opinion it was hardly worth the time and effort but at least they got some heroin off the street before it could do any real damage to someone. When officers stormed the house they said Rowe acted like any other dealer who was being busted, he tried to get rid of the evidence. He tried to flush some of the heroin down the toilet but was nabbed before he could get it all down the drain. Here comes the fun part, what he tried to do with his pot. Arresting officers say that Rowe tried to eat some of the marijuana that he removed from his anal cavity. Ass weed!! He was seen removing the pot from inside his asshole and trying to stuff it down his throat as fast as possible. The police intervened before all the evidence was destroyed and Rowe made himself sick from eating pot stuffed up his rectum. Anthony Rowe was charged with possession with intent to deliver heroin, possession of marijuana and tampering with evidence. If they could nail him for bad breath I'm sure they would've hit him with that too. Ewwww!!!
The Morning Call has the full story

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