3 Way Gets Stabby

Here's a great story to ring in Valentine's Day especially if you're into ex-con 3 ways. I think that your first mistake would be agreeing to a menage a trois with 2 dudes who met in prison but then again this lady is an adult and can make her own decisions.

Last Friday in North Dakota a few friends got together and thought it would be a good idea to have a little 3 way amongst friends. Turns out that wasn't the best idea. Two men, 33yr. old Ashley Hunter(above) and 37yr. old  Hunter DeWitt, went out for a few drinks up in Fargo, ND and ran into some women and things got friendly. After a little persuasion and a 2:30am McDonald's drive-thru run DeWitt and Hunter took one of the ladies back home for a little action. According to the police report when the trio arrived home DeWitt and the woman began making out on the couch. A little foreplay then led to the pair having sex but something didn't seem right. DeWitt told police that when him and the woman were going at it his buddy, Hunter, was watching from his bedroom. After a few minutes Hunter got bored and decided to join in on the action. He approached the screwing couple and began kissing the woman's breasts and then the woman took off his pants and began performing oral sex. At this point everything was on the up and up, the trio was in the midst of a successful spit roast. Look it up on Google.

Hunter was in front and DeWitt was hitting it from the back but Hunter wanted to switch things up, a rotation if you will. DeWitt told his buddy that he was fine where he was and told him to shut up and called him a retard. Things got ugly after that. An argument between both men broke out, not sure if they were still mid spit roast, and Hunter pulled a 12-inch butcher knife from the couch cushions and threatened to kill his friend. DeWitt and the woman retreated to a back bedroom and locked the doors but that didn't stop Hunter. He broke down the door and threatened his friend and again. DeWitt made a run for the door and he told police that's when Hunter stabbed him in the back of the arm. The injury wasn't life threatening and DeWitt was able to escape the house and call police from a nearby alley, still butt ass naked.
After the whole thing was sorted out police charged Ashley Hunter with felony aggravated assault and remains locked up until his court appearance. Let this be a lesson to everyone out there that's thinking about a 3 way. You never go Guy-Guy-Girl, that's just insane. Everyone knows it's Girl-Girl-Guy or MFF(male-female-female). That's like an unwritten law or something.
Smoking Gun has the full story

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