Beer Dispensing Arcade Game

I don't know why it's taken so long for someone to come up with this kick ass idea. People my age might still remember the good old days of heading down to the arcade with a pocket full of quarters to stand in line to play games like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter. Back then if you beat your opponent you had bragging right now you just get shitfaced. A brewing company and an ad agency have teamed up to bring back some of that old school arcade styling gaming with a little twist thrown in for the grown ups.
The McKinney Ad Agency has come up with a way to breathe fresh air into both the arcade industry and beer sales by creating the Beercade. The idea was created for the Big Boss Brewing Company and combines beer tasting with arcade style gaming. Pictured above is a sample of the arcade game, The Last Barfighter, where customers will fight to the death(think Mortal Kombat in a biker bar setting) with their chosen characters and are rewarded with samples of new suds from Big Boss Brewing. The best part is the game itself is built around Big Boss Brewing and it's selection of beers. Each character is named after a beer and if you win, the arcade game will dispense a sampling of the character/beer you're playing with.
I'm sold!!!
McKinney Creative Technologist explains,
"Beercade uses a custom-made system that re-utilizes certain retro nostalgic arcade machine user actions for it's concept. It's coin slot has been replaced with a few drip trays, cupholders, and motion sensors to accept a cup in place of a quarter. When we brought the idea to our client Big Boss Brewing, they jumped all over it."

No word if these machines will become common place in every bar like Golden Tee machines but only time will tell. Last time I checked Golden Tee doesn't spit out cups of beer when I hit a hole in one.
Check out the McKinney website for more details on the beercade.

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