Bike With No Seat? No ProbleOUCH!!!!!

Remember that old joke, what's more painful than jumping on a bike with no seat? Well I guess the answer is riding said bike and having the broken seat stuck up your ass. A Chinese student found out the hard way why it's always a good idea to keep the seat connected to the bike.
The picture above is not a fake, that's actually part of the bike stuck in this guy's ass. You thought your morning commute sucked. On the morning of February 21st a young student was preparing himself for the first day of school over in China and decided to start the day off with a nice bike ride. Beats taking the bus plus you get a little exercise on the way. Little did this kid know but his bike was broken and he was on the rim of a very painful and embarrassing injury. During his ride the bike seat snapped off and in doing so he slipped on sat right down on the metal bar where the seat should of been. Paramedics where called to the scene but there was only so much they could do and had to transport the boy to a nearby hospital where he had the remaining part of the seat and the bar removed from his ass. OUCH!!!! Doctors said he would make a full recovery and there was no permanent damage done to his poop shoot. Next time take the bus.
Rocket News has the story and more pictures

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