Dean Ween & Les Claypool Say Fish On!!

I'm a little late getting around to this one, not sure why I missed it considering it involves two of my favorite bands. Word on the street is that Mickey Melchiondo aka Dean Ween is teaming up with Primus frontman Les Claypool and South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker to produce a fishing show featuring the hosts and a slew of celebrity guests hitting the water. Since the break-up of Ween a few months ago Dean has gone back to his #1 hobby, fishing. He runs a charter boat up on the east coast where he takes out friends and fans for some fun on the open waters but has had to cancel most of his season due to Hurricane Sandy. He's been fishing off the Jersey shore this winter but wants to get back to his first love of chartering a boat and pulling in the big catch. He says that right now the show is in the infant stage of production but hopes that with some time and the right fishing conditions it will take off. Right now Dean, Les, Matt, and Trey are shooting the pilot then they'll start shopping it around to networks where they hope it'll get picked up for a run. Keep your fingers crossed for this one!!! A fishing show featuring Dean and Les could have the possibility to be the most non-boring fishing show ever and it's a good excuse to play "Fish On".
Spinner has the story

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