Fat Guy Steals Lingerie & Anal Beads

Looking at the mugshot above you might not guess it but 24yr. old Jose Angel Perales is a freak. He was busted last Friday after he decided to break into a lingerie store and try on a few pieces of merchandise. Police say they have surveillance footage of Perales entering through an unlocked door around 4:30 in the morning at Dr. John's Lingerie store in Davenport, IA. Once inside the store the 5'11" 325lb. Perales did a little shopping, first trying on a few pieces of woman's under garments then he moved on to the sex toy aisle. Security footage shows Perales entering the managers office, taking off all his clothes, and then that's when he "began pleasing himself anally on the manager's desk and couch."  I'm guessing Dr. John tossed out the couch after watching that tape. More footage then shows Perales exiting the office completely naked and doing some more shopping around the store. When he finally left the store after his anally charged shopping spree police say that he was wearing a blond wig and a dress he had picked out. Davenport Police estimate he was in the store alone for up to 2 hours and left with or "used" merchandise worth about $2,000. Officers didn't have a real tough time locating the overweight pervert either, they say while he was walking around the store nude they noticed a tattoo covering most of his back that read "Perales" in Old English letters. From there they narrowed it down. Jose Perales was charged with burglary and theft and was released after posting $5,000 bond. Something tells me this guy would be a hit among the boys in prison.
The Smoking Gun has the full story

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