Lotto Winners Blow Up House

The age old question of "What would you do if you won the lottery?" was taken to the next level this past week out in Kansas after two brothers spent their winnings on a drug fueled bender that left one of them in the hospital and both of them homeless. The brothers from Wichita, KS celebrated their $75,000 jackpot with a little party that included some pot and lots of meth last weekend. The pair was living the high life until one of them tried to refill the butane torches they were using to light their bongs. The 27yr. old brother decided to refill his torch using large canisters of butane, but didn't realize as he was doing that he was leaking fumes into the rest of the house. One thing led to another and the fumes reached the pilot light on the furnace and the house exploded. The 27yr. old was taken to a nearby hospital by his girlfriend where she dropped him off and sped away. Doctors say that when the man was dropped off he was wearing a lottery t-shirt, maybe his good luck charm. The other brother who remained at the house was later arrested when fire and rescue crews arrived. He tried running from the house but was caught and admitted he had marijuana and meth on him, he was charged for possession. The other brother is still in the hospital recovering from severe burns on his hands, chest , and arms. This is the perfect story for that show about people who squander the lottery winnings. I don't think they've covered the "Blowing up your house during a bong session" story yet. A bit more exciting than pissing it away on bad investments. At least go out with a buzz. Kansas.com has the full story

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