Man Makes Love to Ambulance

You might be asking yourself, how does one make love to an ambulance? Well, a good start is make sure you're totally insane and just see where things take you from there. My guess is you get run over or you end up in jail like this guy.
The day started off normal for 25yr. old Calum Ward in Barnstaple, England back on November 12th. He woke up, had a shower and shave then headed down to his local for a pint. By the end of the day Ward was a little tipsy and that's when the cops found him. Officers approached Ward a bus station to see if he was OK but it turned out he had a little too much to drink and told officers he was headed home to sleep it off. Fair enough, the cops didn't see any real reason to arrest him. After the police left Ward hung around the bust stop for a bit and decided he was bored so he lit a package of peanuts on fire on the bench and began punching the flaming pile. This was all picked up by a nearby CCTV camera. When he got bored with the peanuts he decided to wander out in to traffic and jump in front of an oncoming ambulance. The emergency vehicle was able to stop in time and that's when Ward starting humping away. He kept his pants on so it was more of a dry run. Police arrived again and this time Ward wasn't holding himself together so well. Arresting officers said he could barely stand and when they searched him they found some pot and amphetamines.
No arrests were made and Ward was sentenced to community service and fined by the courts.
ThisIsDevon UK has the story

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