My Stuffed Animal Smells Funny

Most people get a box of chocolates or flowers for Valentines Day or if you're a romantic you might write a poem or something sappy for your loved one. If you're a junkie you send out Teddy Bears stuffed with crystal meth worth thousands of dollars. A Chelsea, MA man is facing drug possession and trafficking charges after he received an extra special gift for Valentine's Day. On February 5th postal handlers noticed a suspicious package and decided to notify local police, turns out they were right. A drug sniffing dog was brought in and confirmed that the package did contain some kind of drug, a Teddy Bear stuffed with meth. Police went undercover posing as a mail carrier and made the delivery to the name on the address which was Lawrence Ligocki. As soon as Ligocki signed for the package the undercover officer presented the search warrant which turned 96 grams of meth in the bear and some more around his home. Ligocki told police he wasn't expecting the package and therefore wasn't his even though his name was on the address slip. Cops didn't buy the excuse and took Ligocki down town. He's free on bail awaiting a hearing.
WCVB has the story

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