What Not To Do When Applying For a Job

The economy is tough these days and finding a nice paying job is even harder. There's a couple of things to keep in mind when you're out looking for a job. The first being to keep your dick in your pants. I would think this wouldn't have to be mentioned but then again it's always nice to be reminded.
A man in South Carolina is in a little bit of trouble after he completed what might be the worst job interview in the history of ever. Pictured above is 53yr. old Willie Merriweather and he's being charged with two counts of indecent exposure after he was arrested for pulling out his little Willie during a recent job interview. Police say that Merriweather entered a job placement center this past Monday and sat down to talk with the staffer and things were going well. The woman was in the middle of asking him some basic questions when she looked up from her papers to notice that Merriweather was sitting in the chair with his dick in his hand. Before the woman could say anything Merriweather told her that it "fell out". The staffer called police and Willie bolted from the building. Feeling his first interview didn't go so well Mr. Merriweather decided to try his luck over at the Public Safety Headquarters. When they entered his name into their computers it popped up saying he had a warrant out for his arrest stemming from an incident back in January, totally unrelated to the dick-in-hand incident from earlier that day. In January, Merriweather was at another job agency where he was busted for masturbating out in the open while using one of the agency's computers. That time the employee stated he was shouting for her attention and when she finally turned around she saw Merriweather going to town in the middle of the office. I'm not the smartest man alive but it sounds like this guy might have a very fruitful career in field of public masturbation. Unfortunately, that market has all but dried up these days and is frowned upon by everyone. I don't think he'll be worrying about a job where he's going though.
Aiken Standard has the full story

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