Your Honor, I Want to Eat Your Family

There's just some things you keep to yourself in the court of law especially if it involves eating the judges family because you disagree with him. One Georgia man is finding that out the hard way after he wrote a letter to the judge presiding over his divorce hearing.
A Cobb County judge denied bond for 58yr. old James Satterfield after he threatened to kill the judges family and eat his kids. Satterfield has been going through a messy divorce and felt that the proceedings were taking to long and court costs and attorney fees were too high. Satterfield had moved out of his apartment after leaving his wife a $72,000 check and a note that said he wanted her to sell all of his belongings. All he needed in life was his gun and his van, turns out he might be a little crazy. This past Tuesday a county investigator presented the letter as evidence and told the court that he felt Satterfield was 100% serious about carrying out his cannibalistic threats. The judge denied his bond and ordered Mr. Satterfield to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.
AJC.com has the story

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