Bench Clearing Brawl!!!!

This past Sunday the Rockford Ice Hogs(red jersey) and Chicago Wolves(white/green jersey) of the AHL ended the game with a little punch up. And by little I mean an entire bench beating the shit out of one guy. It all happened in the closing seconds of the 3rd period after the Ice Hogs forgot to close the bench door all the way. Next thing you know a Chicago Wolves player checked one of the Ice Hogs through the door and onto the bench. This did not please the Ice Hogs. While the Wolves player was trying to get up out of the door the Rockford bench took it upon themselves to start punching anything in another jersey that moved. That's when the all out melee started, keep an eye on the two guys at the end of the benches. It's not often you see a fight take place between the boards that separate the two benches. Sticks and fists are flying so you might have to watch the clip a few times to soak in all that is happening. I have to hand it to the guy from the Wolves, he stood in there and took on the Rockford bench all by himself. This isn't the first time Rockford has been involved in a bench clearing fight either. Just about a month ago they took part in an all out brawl with San Antonio so it'll be interesting to see what the league hands down as far as suspensions and fines. When the dust finally settled there was a combined 142 penalty minutes between the two teams. Safe to say that the Hogs and Wolves don't like each other very much and if you're waiting for the re-match these teams meet again on April 12th.

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