Canadians Love Their Beer

Up in the Great White North it's a cardinal sin to take the last beer and not go get more. Hell, I think that's a sin anywhere in the world. It's also Beer 101, you drink the last one you make the run to go get more. Things aren't always that easy though, especially when you can't figure out who get to drink the last can.
Police in Lindsay, Ontario were called out for a domestic dispute after a beer swilling couple ran out of suds and things got ugly. A 39yr. old man and his 41yr. old girlfriend got into a melee over who got to drink the last beer. Instead of throwing punches at one another they took out their frustrations with the nearest thing they could find, the chips and dip. Cops say when the arrived at the home they found a huge mess and the couple covered in chips and dip. Police say calls to this house are nothing new, this is the 16th time they've been called to the residence for some kind of domestic disturbance. Think it might be time to start seeing other people. Both the man and woman were charged with domestic related assault and are waiting for their court date. No word on who got the last beer.
Fox 8 has the story

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