Can't Stop!! Aliens Are Chasing Me!!

Nothing like a good old fashioned psychotic episode to get the juices flowing and get yourself banned from driving forever. I know it's not right to laugh at this guy because he has a mental illness but the whole scene is kind of humorous. It's not everyday you see a guy driving on four flats at low speeds trying to evade the invisible aliens who are trying to kill him.
Police in Exeter, England got a little surprise last week when they tried to pull over 48yr. Brett Weber and in turn were rammed. From there the chase was on! It all began when Weber almost ran over a moped driver in his work van. Police were called and began to pursue Weber's vehicle. Once they pulled him over Weber threw it in reverse and rammed the squad car and took off. Again, police gave chase and eventually were able to deploy a spike strip, blowing out all 4 tires on the van, but it didn't slow Weber down. That's when things started to get a little weird, police say Weber fled from them at speeds of 25 mph and was honking his horn the entire time and acting crazy. Turns out he wasn't honking to warn oncoming motorists, he was honking because he thought it would fend off the aliens that were chasing him. The chase lasted a mile before officers were able to take Weber off the road. By this time he was driving on the rims and swerving in and out of traffic. Official reports state that when Weber was arrested he claimed that he was being chased by aliens who wanted to kill him and all he was trying to do was get away.
A local judge deemed Weber unfit to drive and imposed a 4-year ban on his driving saying that this most recent incident coupled with arrests in the past prove that he has no respect for the law and is a danger to others on the road. The judge had this to say,

"You are also a danger to the police because when you are ill you view them with great distaste and suspicion and there have been a number of instances of tension between you and the police. Your record and offending justify custody but the public interest is not best served by sending you to prison so I am making an order which ensures you will receive treatment for your illness."

You know how you can tell this didn't happen in the U.S, in the states this guy would have been charged on all counts, locked away, and would never get the treatment that he needs. This judge did the right thing by ordering him to get help and afforded him the opportunity to become a productive member of society. Oh those crazy Brits!! Weber's lawyer said he had been diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic and had been dealing with some issues in his personal life leading up to the alien episode. 
This Is Exeter has the full story

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