Dick Face Beats Roommate

This guy figured out the hard way why you don't pass out during a party. We all know, the first guy to pass out is getting a dick drawn on his face. Just make sure the guy you're drawing on won't freak out about it. Police in Arlington, VA got a call from a local hospital Wednesday morning after a patient came in with "extensive damage" to his face. He claimed his roommate beat him after a joke went wrong. The victim told police he was woken up by 31yr. old James Watson at 5am that morning and a fight broke out about the penis drawn on his face in permanent marker. Watson got the better of his roommate and beat the shit out of him. Police went back to the residence and found Watson scrubbing his face. He was charged with malicious wounding and held without bail. The best part is that he didn't have time to fully wash the dicks off his face and took what might be one of the greatest mugshots of all-time. What a dick.
 Inside Nova has the story

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