Does This Gatorade Taste Like Pee?

What ever happen to the days of just talking shit to your opponents or throwing the occasional cheap shot? These girls down in Missouri stepped it up a notch and made the other team drink their pee. Of course the other team had no idea it was happening.
Four female high school basketball players from a high school in Southwest Missouri are facing punishment after it was discovered that they all peed in a cup and somehow poured it into the other teams water jug. It all took place last month and the principal at Cassville High School has told the press that he's take disciplinary action against the four girls. There aren't very many details in the story like how they managed to sneak the piss into the jug or how the other team came to find out about the prank. Parents of the players from Monett High School have been contacted and have even brought in ifectious disease specialists to determine if one of the players did in fact become sick from drinking the pee. The principal from Monett has encouraged parents and students alike to not retaliate and says the whole situation will be handled in house. Something tells me there might be a new rivalry brewing down in Southwest Missouri.
Post Dispatch has the story

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