Enjoy Your Piss Sandwhich

Normally when you're being arrested it's recommended that you follow the officers orders and comply. It bodes well for you later down the road and keeps you from getting more charges tacked on. That's one way to go about it, the other way would be to just have a total breakdown and make the situation much worse than it needs to be.

It seems a little early for Spring Break but don't tell these guys that. A couple of young kids headed down to Fort Myers for a some revelry and things got a little out of hand. Residents at the Pink Shell Resort had enough of the loud partying a few weeks back and decided to call the cops to put an end to it. When police arrived at the resort they quickly identified the three men they were looking for. They said it was easy to spot the drunken teens because of the pile of smashed bottles and the fact that they were so drunk they could barely stand. While interviewing the trio cops decided to place the rowdiest of them, 18yr. old Chris Brennan, in a squad car as a precautionary measure. Brennan didn't see things the same way and began freaking out in the back of the cruiser, smashing his head against the window and screaming. When cops told him to stop Brennan replied by telling arresting officers that he would "piss in the back of their car" and he wasn't joking. Somehow Brennan managed to get his pants down far enough and piss through the cage onto a the cops sandwich sitting in the passenger's seat. The sandwich wasn't the only target of his pee stream, the cops cellphone and some gear were also soaked.
When all was said and done and the pissing stopped Brennan was charged with resisting an officer without violence and was transferred to county lock-up. I would assume that more charges are pending. You just don't pee on a cops lunch and cellphone and get away with it. At least he'll have the best spring break story.
Broward-Palm-Beach Blogs has the full story

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