Escort Goes Beast and Bites Man in the Nuts

Usually when you're shelling out money for sex you hope your date won't look like the lady above but then again beggars can't be choosers. Most of all you hope she doesn't go on a drug bender and try to bite your dick off. Maybe that's something you should work out before money exchanges hands.
A man in Orlando, FL got more than he bargained for when he picked up 29yr. old "escort" Priscilla Vaughn for a night of dinner and sex. I thought escorts were supposed to be the hot girls who were to classy for the streets. This chick looks like a $5 crack whore. Yikes!!! Anyways, the two lovebirds met up through backpage.com and arranged to meet up for a "date" last Tuesday. The evening started out fine with dinner and drinks at the local Applebee's, which apparently is where you take your whore when you're trying to impress her. After that the lovers got a hotel room and decided to move on to desert. However, Miss Vaughn had other ideas. Turns out before the date started that Vaughn had loaded up on a mixture of booze, pot, and ecstasy which made her turn into some kind of dog-woman. Hell, I'd say that's a pretty good start to a great night. As the man was getting ready for some lovin' Vaughn began growling and attacked the man. She was able to sink her teeth into the man's testicles and penis then tried to gouge his eyes out. When he tried to call for help she broke his phone but it turned out that the guests next door heard all the commotion and called police. When police arrived on the scene it wasn't pretty, the man was bleeding badly and had to be rushed to the hospital for surgery on his dick and balls. Vaughn was charged with attempted murder and battery and no word on the condition of the man. Something tells me he won't be arranging anymore dates off of Back Page anytime soon. And to think, he was going to stick his dick in that chick, ugh!!
Mirror UK has the story

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