Gwar Brand Chili Sauce

They've conquered the world so it only makes sense that the next step Gwar would take is creating their own chili sauce made from "the blood of really hot chicks". Yeah, that sounds about right.
Gwar is getting ready to start the next part of their spring tour but are taking a quick detour in Kansas City so they thought what better place than the BBQ capital of the Midwest to unveil their newest creation, Gwar-B-Q Sauce. The band will be hosting a "Meat and Meet" at Grinder's in KC on April 8th as way to connect with fans and give them a taste of the most kick ass BBQ on the planet. It's basically your standard "Meet and Greet" but with Gwar nothing is basic, according to their Facebook page,

"This event is not only for Gwar to drink and eat themselves into a bloated coma with their legions of slavering fans, but to announce and introduce their brand-new and 100% edible 'Gwar-B-Q' sauce, personally created for human consumption by none other than Gwar's steel-faced guitar player, Balsac, the Jaws of Death."

Balsac says the sauce is crafted from only the finest ingredients Earth has to offer, hot chicks.
"It's a terrible waste of fine ass but ultimately worth it because this sauce is absolutely delicious."

Gwar is finishing up their Fate or Chaos tour across North America and the second leg starts in Tuscon on April 10th and will wrap up in Jacksonville on April 25th.
NME has the story

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