Just Take A Little Off the Tip

Things got a little choppy at a local barbershop in Barfani Dham, India this past weekend when a crazy man burst in to a barbershop and cut off his penis. DAMN!!! It all took place this past Sunday night when 45yr. old Shalid Hussain walked in to the shop and grabbed a straight razor off the counter and lopped off his dick in full view of everyone in the shop. The owner immediately called an ambulance and the man was taken to a nearby hospital and is said to be in critical condition. Turns out Hussain is a tad nuts and has been missing from his home since the beginning of February. According to the police the man has a severe addiction to gambling and may have been distraught over a recent loss of money. One of the witnesses in the shop said the man was babbling about having hit the lottery before he cut his dick off. So not only is this guy broke now he has to go through life with a stub where his manhood used to be.
India Times has the story

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