When Will This Shit Stop

There's nothing new about crappy music, it's been around forever but I've been noticing a new trend over the last few years. That trend is spoiled little rich girls who don't have one ounce of anything resembling musical talent making music videos. Of course this is a product of daddy having too much money and a daughter who no one can be honest with and say to her, "You suck. You'll never be the pop diva you dreamed of becoming because you can't sing." Do yourself a favor too, save the singing for the shower or the car when you're all by yourself. And if English is your second language maybe stick with singing in your native tongue. It's not helping and it makes you sound like you did the vocal tracks with a bag of dicks in your mouth. Prepare yourself for the audio onslaught of Nicky and her song "Rich Boy"........

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