You Hid Your Gun Where?

If you've been reading this blog over the last few years it won't come to any surprise to you that people will hide things anywhere on there body if it means not getting arrested. However, we may have a new winner for the prize of "You Stuck That Where?!?". I just hope they cop was wearing gloves when she went digging for evidence.

It all started early Monday morning in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant in Ada, OK when a cop rolled up on a couple of ladies just lounging around in there car. Something didn't seem right so the cop asked the two ladies what they were doing in the parking lot. Turns out they weren't there for the continental breakfast.
After some questioning the officer called in a police dog to do a further search of the car and the dog hinted that there might be something more stashed away. Turns out one of ladies had an outstanding warrant and the other one, well let's just say she didn't take full advantage of the glove compartment.
Jennifer Delancy and Christie Harris were cuffed and taken to the station for further questioning. While they were being transported Delancy admitted to the officer that she was hiding a hypodermic needle in her shoe and Harris kept complaining that she had to use the bathroom right away. While they were being booked and searched a female officer noticed something odd, a handle sticking out of Harris's vagina. Upon further inspection the cop found a loaded five-shot revolver shoved up Harris's coochie and a few baggies of meth stuck between her butt cheeks. Shit man, this chick was ready to party!!
County District Attorney Chris Ross said that the whole ordeal was much more dangerous than Harris believed,
“It would seem to be a very dangerous place to carry a loaded firearm, if it goes off it’s only going one place.”

Both women were charged with drug possession and another charge of putting things were they don't belong Honestly, who sticks a loaded gun up there ham wallet? This is why we can't have nice things.
CorrectionsOne.com has the story

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