Beer Flavored Ice Cream? Yes Please!!

Hey you got beer in my ice cream!! Wait, I'm OK with this and make that a double scoop. I can't say I disagree with combining two of my most favorite things in the world, beer and ice cream. Turns out though that some watchdog groups do have a problem with this.
A Brazilian brewer has come up with the next great ice cream craze by adding the flavor of beer to the frosty cold treat. The brewery claims that there is no actual alcohol in the ice cream, it's just the taste of it. That still doesn't sit well with consumer advocate groups who think that adding beer to ice cream will encourage children to drink. Ambev Brewery, the creators of the concoction, say they understand the concerns which is why you have to be of drinking age to purchase the ice cream. Here in the states it's a concept that's been tested out before in bars like Fermental, a Wilmington, NC beer and wine shop that sells wine flavored ice cream. A bar down in Arizona came out with a line of alcohol infused popsicles with flavors that range from margaritas to Cosmopolitans. The only thing is that these are bars and you have to be of drinking age to get in and purchase the deserts. It's not like the Good Humor man is driving around and selling this stuff to little kids. Ambev Brewery hopes that all parties will be satisfied with the product and they can begin selling the beer flavored ice cream all over the world. Fingers crossed!!
My Fox DC has the story

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