Check Out the Tomatoes On That Guy

I'll admit I'm guilty of eating while I grocery shop. If I feel like a snack I grab a couple of gummy worms out of the candy bins or maybe some pistachio nuts if they leave them lying around. Not like I'm committing a capital offense or anything, it's probably 50 cents of merchandise. The only difference between me and this guy is I keep my pants on while I'm doing it.
A chronic shoplifter was arrested in a Seattle grocery store last week after store employees caught the man going to town on a container of cherry tomatoes. That's not the worst part either, when cops arrived they found the wheelchair bound man naked from the waist down with a few spilled tomatoes covering his bare crotch. Police reports say that officers found food all over the floor next to where he was sitting and right next to his pants he had taken off. He was cuffed on the spot and taken to the county lock-up. At the jail cops performed another body search and found a semi frozen Jimmy Dean sausage sandwich. Reports did not state where they found the breakfast sandwich. Ewwwwwwww.
Arresting officers say they've had frequent run ins with the shoplifter but this is the first time they've found him naked in the store. He's been warned not to come back on the property but can't seem to stay away. He faces charges of burglary and eating tomatoes in the nude.
KOMO News has the story

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