Driving 90 MPH With His Dick Out the Window

I trying to figure out the logistics of this one and I can't quite wrap my head around it. How does someone driving 90 mph have the skill to control his car while waving his dick out the window? It just seems to crazy to be real but it is.
The former vice mayor of Mt. Carmel, TN pulled off the rarely attempted high speed drive-by masturbation this past weekend but was unable to get away with it. Police received several calls about a man driving at high speeds down an interstate while playing with himself. One caller said that the car he was driving reached speeds of 90 mph while the driver was waving his junk out the driver side window. Impressive!!
William Blakely, 30, was arrested and charged with indecent exposure, reckless endangerment, and attempt to commit aggravated assault. It also turns out that he used to be the vice mayor of the town he was arrested in. Local police say over the last few years they've been getting more and more calls about Blakely's strange behavior, the latest being the drive-by wanking. One female motorist told cops that Blakely  pulled up beside her and was screaming at her to lift her shirt up while licking his palm and masturbating furiously. Another motorist claims they saw the ex-politician with his penis hanging out the window while he was driving. Again, I can't really understand how that's even possible. Maybe he missed his calling as a sexual deviant stunt driver or something.
Cops eventually caught up with Blakely and booked him for his little erotic escapade. One of the motorists was called in to identify him in a line-up and no problem picking him out. Maybe stay at home next time you decide to play with yourself and leave the normal commuters alone.
Huffington Post has the full story

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