Is He Doing What I Think He's Doing?

A weekend trip to a Key West beach for one woman was spoiled after she noticed a man having a little too much fun. The 35yr. old woman called police after she saw Elijah Slocumb, 42, masturbating on the beach. At first she wasn't too sure what he was doing but as he got closer to her it became fairly obvious what he was up to. When police arrived they didn't want to make their presence known so they could catch Slocumb in the act. The arresting officer could see he was doing something his hands but his view was obstructed by the mans backpack. As he kept watching it became more obvious what he was up to and the cops moved in. Once Slocumb spotted the officers he quickly grabbed a towel and cleaned himself off. In the police report the woman told officers at first Slocumb was sitting several feet away from her and couldn't really tell what he was doing but when she looked up again he had moved closer and it dawned on her what he was doing, beating his meat. She also told police that he was "doing it so hard that his whole body was shaking". Classic!! No charges were listed in the article but I'm assuming that Slocumb will be facing a few different charges for his festive day out at the beach. Maybe he was just cleaning his blow hole.
Orlando Sentinel has the full story

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