It Aint Easy Being a Strip Club Bouncer

Sure, everyone thinks that being a bouncer at a strip club is a great job because you get to look at naked women all day but it doesn't always work out like that. You have to deal with grabby drunks and all kinds of creeps trying to hit on the dancers. Or if you're like this guy you get shot with an arrow.
Police in Knoxville, TN are still searching for a man who shot a bouncer at a local strip club with an arrow. It's 2013, who the fuck is still shooting arrows?!? Cops were called to The Ball Gentlemen's Club at 3:30am this past Sunday morning after one of the staff reported the bouncer was shot with an arrow. Reports don't say why the bouncer was attacked but I'm guessing it's because some guy got tossed out and wasn't to happy about it. They have no real description to go on and have no idea who the arrow shooter was. The bouncer was treated at the scene and is said to be recovering just fine. Police are asking residents in the area to keep an eye out for a horny medieval warrior who enjoys lap dances and watered down drinks.
WBIR has the story

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