Turn Down That Damn Music!!!

Every person out there has had a run in with their parents over music. Whether it be the parents don't understand music these days or maybe the parents just can't stand the noise. What's the saying, "If the music is too loud than you're too old" or something like that. Apparently this father and son couldn't agree on an acceptable volume level and took things to the next level. An Oklahoma City man is facing charges of first-degree attempted murder, arson and possession of prescription drugs after police were called to a home for a domestic disturbance. Turns out 35yr. old David Smith likes to play his stereo nice and loud but his dad doesn't. Earlier this week David Smith was rocking out when his dad told him to turn it down. The younger Smith didn't appreciate being told what to do so he did the next logical thing and doused his old man in gasoline and threw a lighter on him. Guess what happened next? You got it, the father burst into flames. The father is expected to recover from the burns but the son will be going away for awhile and has lost his stereo privileges for the time being. Maybe next time he should just put his headphones on.
KOCO News has the story

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