Worst Bank Robbery Weapon Ever

They say that during most bank robberies the thief isn't even carrying a weapon, it's just an empty threat. Problem is not many people want to call the bluff of a person threatening to kill them. The teller just gives them what they want and everybody gets to go home at the end of the day. This was one of those rare times that the bank teller could have called the bluff and had a great laugh about it. Police in Clinton Township, MI are still on the look out for a 60yr. old woman that robbed a Fifth Third bank using a bomb concealed in her purse. The only thing is there was no actual bomb. This past Saturday afternoon the woman entered the bank and demanded the teller hand over all the cash or she would detonate the bomb she had stashed in her purse. The teller, not wanting to be blown up, followed the orders and forked over the cash. When the bandit fled the scene she left her purse behind and a key piece of evidence. When police arrived they were told about the explosive purse and cleared the building for the bomb squad. When the bomb experts arrived they were able to take an x-ray of the purse to see what kind of explosives they were dealing with, turns out it was 2 jars of spaghetti sauce. There was no bomb in the purse, not anything even resembling a bomb was found in the building. Turns out the robbers ridiculous plan worked and she scared the teller into believing she would blow up the bank if she didn't get what she wanted. Police say they have a description of the suspect but they haven't turned up any leads and the robber is still on the loose.
Daily Mail has the story

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