1938 Superman Comic Found In Wall

The last thing you ever expect to find while remodeling a house is a rare comic but one man in Elbow Lake, Minnesota struck gold during a recent renovation. David Gonzalez was doing some remodeling on his home when he made a huge discovery, an Action Comics #1 from June of 1938 that features the first appearance of Superman. Gonzalez said he was tearing out a wall when he found the comic along with a bunch of old newspapers that were used as insulation. The funny thing is the comic in mint condition is worth over $2 million and he only paid $10,100 for the house. Unfortunately he wasn't very careful when handling the old comic book, he admits to tearing the cover when he pulled it out from it's little hiding spot. Comics are graded on a scale of 1-10 based on the overall condition of the book, Gonzalez says the rip downgraded the book from a 3 to a 1.5. It doesn't seem to matter though, he's since put the comic in an on-line auction and the bidding is already up to $107,333. A far cry from $2 million but not a bad start considering it's all profit. If I were Mr. Gonzalez I'd be careful knocking down anymore walls in that house, who know what other treasures are buried in there. Maybe when he rips out the old bathroom he'll find a Honus Wagner card!!
UPI.com has the story

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