'Battle of Helm's Deep' Recreated LEGO Style

Pictured above is just a snippet of the massive LEGO recreation of "The Battle of Helm's Deep" from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. You can find the 'Helm's Deep' set at any local toy store but not like this one, this was put together by 2 independent builders with a price tag of $20K. Rich-K & Big J were disappointed with the official set released by LEGO last year so they decided to conquer Helm's Deep all on their own. The official LEGO set clocks in at 1,368 pieces but is dwarfed in comparison by this 160lb. behemoth. Rich & J assembled over 150,000 bricks and used 1,700 figures to complete the battle scene. The whole thing took about 4 months to put together. They say it's about 90% finished and plan to reveal the finished product at the Cincinnati Comic Con, September 13th-15th and again at BrickWorld, September 28th and 29th. Lego Kinja has the story

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