Beer Thief With a Heart of Gold

There's nothing odd about having a couple of beers stolen from your pool house bar. When you leave beer out in the open chances are at some point somebody is going to come by and swipe them. Most likely young kids from the neighborhood or maybe a random neighbor. It's not like you're losing thousands of dollars either, it's couple of beers, big deal. It is a little odd though when you come home to find a note in your outside fridge apologizing for all the stolen beer.
A woman in Villa Hills, OH called the local news station to share her story about a beer thief who's conscious got the better of him. Dee and Leo Samad enjoy having neighbors and friends over to enjoy some frosty beverages on the back patio near the pool. Dee tells the news station that they have a little bar outside near the pool and they leave the fridge unlocked so their guests can grab a drink as they please. Everyone is on the honor code but lately they've noticed that some of the beer has gone missing. Leo Samad chalked it up to the young kids in the neighborhood having a little fun and stealing a couple of beers, kids being kids type of stuff. So he saw no real need to lock-up the beer fridge. Last Monday Dee left the house for a little bit to run some errands and when she returned she saw that the gate to the pool bar was open. Dee remembered closing the gate so she decided to investigate. When she walked back to the bar she noticed that there was note attached to the door. She grabbed it and before she could open it a wad of $20 bills fell out, 7 in all. Dee told the local news station that it didn't make any sense until she read the note that was with the bills,
"Dear homeowner. Enclosed is a sum of cash that my friends and I owe you and your family to repay you for all of the times we have stolen from your poolside fridge/bar over the past few years." 

The note went on to explain that whoever wrote it had a religious conversion, wanted to apologize for the stolen beer, and said that he was praying for god to bless Mrs. Samad and her family. The author of the note also promised that he and his friends would never come back and pilfer their beer fridge. Dee was stunned by the whole act and hopes that the thief changes his mind about never coming back, 
" I hope that he sees this on TV and knocks on our door and he would be welcome in our home." 

Local 12 has the whole story

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