Fake Cop Gets the Boot At Strip Club

Here's one guy who really wanted to see some naked ladies. Apparently his internet was down and all he could muster up was a fake badge and a bad lie.
The real police in Melbourne, FL arrested 24yr. old Darren Walker after he posed as a police officer to get out of having to pay the cover charge at Bare Assets Strip Club last week. Walker flashed a fake badge and was able to fool the doorman into thinking he was a real cop. He told club employees he was there to question and arrest a dancer by the name of "Mason". Because when cops arrest strippers they always call them by their stage name or that's what this guy thinks. The club's manager pressed Walker for details on the arrest but his story seemed a bit off so he contacted the real police who took over from there. According to the police report Walker told the club's manager that he was a federal agent but hadn't been employed with any agency since 2011. When the cops arrived it turned out that they were familiar with Walker and at least part of his story was true. He was in fact at one time an employee of the department but was let go. He admitted that during that time he had printed a fake badge off the internet. When the officers searched Walker's car they found a treasure trove of cop paraphenelia including a "Deputy Sheriff" hat, an expandable baton, handcuffs, a blue strobe light, and an orange traffic vest. Sounds like this guy really wanted to be a cop! After a few questions and a search of the car the real police arrested Walker and charged him with impersonating a law enforcement officer. He's currently being held in county lock-up.
Florida Today has the story

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