Georgia Man Doubles As Hood Ornament

What started out as a simple fender bender ended with one man holding on for dear life. The picture above is just the beginning for a Roswell, GA man who tried to stop the woman who hit his car from fleeing. The man on the hood of the car is Elton Kim and a few weeks back he decided to wash his car out front of where he worked. As he was doing so a woman backed out of a parking space and clipped Mr. Kim's car. He asked her stop and get out of the car and she declined. So he decided to stand in front of her car until cops arrived, she had other plans. The woman apparently had better things to do and didn't feel like waiting around for the cops. She kept trying to leave so Elton Kim decided to lay down across her hood and that's when the woman, who police are still looking for, stepped on the gas and took off. Mr. Kim told police he didn't have a whole lot of options once she got on the road because his fingers were stuck in the hood. He also told officers that the woman tried her best to get him off the car by accelerating then braking real fast. After a few blocks Kim told police that he was able to free his fingers and roll off the hood unscathed. The local police have released a description of the woman and are asking anyone who recognizes her to give them a call, they have a few questions they'd like her to answer. As for Mr. Kim, next time just write down the plate number.
WTSP has the full story

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