Husband Says No to Sex, Wife Bites His Penis

It's not often that you hear a story about a grown man turning down free sex. Usually that's something you hear from a woman but then again if I was dating this chick I would probably take a pass too.
A few weeks back a young couple in Bradenton, FL went through something all couples go through, an argument that turns into a fight. It wasn't about bills or somebody coming home drunk, it was about the refusal of sex. The young lady pictured above is 19yr. old Krystle Harrison and she lives with her boyfriend, 24yr. old Jeff Wilkinson and their infant child. On the night of May 16th Miss Harrison was feeling a little frisky and wanted to get hot and heavy with her man. Only problem was that her man wasn't having any part of it. Harrison figured a little light petting might change his mind but it only enraged him more. Too bad because Harrison really wanted sex that night so she took the next logical step that any sane person would and grabbed her husband by the dick and bit down. The boyfriend freaked out, pushed her away and was able to flee from the home. Miss Harrison wasn't done yet. She followed Wilkinson outside and slapped and spit in his face. That's right around the time he called police and when they showed up they stated in their report that Wilkinson had visible scratch marks on his chest. The report didn't state whether or not the officers checked for teeth marks on Mr. Wilkinson's dong. Krystle Harrison is facing charges of misdemeanor domestic battery but like any good boyfriend who's a gluten for punishment Wilkinson refused to press charges and told police that they had been dating for 3 years and they could work it out on their own. I don't care who the chick is, if she bites your dick she's going to jail. However, I would make one exception for Tori Black, she could bite any part of my body she wants to.
Smoking Gun has the story

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