Man Locked in Grocery Store Has a Whip-It Feast

A Kentucky man decided to have a night out this past Sunday and he chose a local grocery store for his party spot. Not a bad idea considering everything you need is right in front of you, however, the police and store manager might disagree. Trevor Runyon was able to slip past store employees Sunday night at the local ValuMart in Mt. Washington, KY and once everybody left he threw himself a little party. Surveillance footage showed Runyon hiding and then emerging after all the lights had been turned off. That's when he did a little shopping of his own, he actually cooked an entire meal consisting of 6 steaks and a bag of shrimp right in the middle of the store. After that he helped himself to a few after dinner smokes and some beers then moved onto desert. The store manager counted 56 used Redi-Whip cans on the floor which means after his big steak dinner Runyon decided to put a little buzz on. Security footage also showed Runyon shopping for some new clothes after he pissed all over himself. When all was said and done Runyon climbed into the ceiling to sleep off his big meal. The store manager called the fire department who was able to retrieve the sleepy thief from his ceiling bungalow and he was then charged for his crimes. What this guy did was 100% wrong but if you're going to break-in somewhere why not a grocery store, at least you can have one more kick ass meal before being cuffed and hauled away. Maybe he should have left the scene and slept it off somewhere else.
WAVE 3 has the story

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