Naked Man On the Run In Florida

A Deltona, FL woman got a nice surprise this past Sunday when she was greeted by a naked man at her front door. After that the rest of the neighborhood got a taste of Rosvelt Campbell as he streaked through their yards for no apparent reason.
It all started this past Saturday when an unidentified woman got a knock on her door. She opened it to find Campbell standing there fully clothed and holding a stick. He didn't say much and was on his way. The following afternoon the woman got another knock on her door, it was Campbell again but this time he was butt ass naked and wasn't carrying his stick. She refused to open the door and the naked Campbell took off running through the backyard. The woman called police and they were on the scene immediately but had trouble locating the nude knocker. After a brief search one of the officers found Campbell walking down the road still totally nude. When he spotted the officer he took off running again only to be caught after a short chase. He was charged with resisting an officer without violence, indecent exposure, loitering or prowling. The woman told police she was a frightened that the same man, who she didn't know, would come to her house twice in the same weekend. Not to mention the fact that he was nude during one of those visits. Police have offered no reason as to why Campbell was knocking her the woman's door in his birthday suit but if I had to guess I'd say drugs may have played a role in all of this.
Orlando Sentinel has the story

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