We Got a Biter!!!!

What's happens when you mix massive amounts of alcohol and boredom in Tempe, AZ? I'm sure there's multiple answers to that question but this guy decided he would start with a little breaking and entering and cap off the night by assaulting a nurse.
Police in Tempe got a call about a break-in at a local restaurant early Monday morning and when they arrived they found a pissed off 40yr. old William Barrett. The first officer on the scene tried to confront Barrett but he just responded by whipping bottles of wine at the cop, striking the officer in the nose with one of them. Fearing for his safety the officer pulled his weapon and fired a shot at Barrett striking him in the hand. Back-up arrived and the cops were able to subdue Barrett and get him loaded into an ambulance and off to the hospital to clean up the gun shot wound. On the way to the hospital Barrett bit one of the EMTs in the buttock and they worked on him. His night didn't end there. When he was being examined at the hospital he bit one of the nurses on the forearm. Now this may come as a shock but when officers questioned Barrett at the hospital he told them that he likes to drink a lot and doesn't remember anything that happened earlier. He was later discharged from the hospital and was charged for his wild night out. The restaurant he broke into is claiming he caused around $10,000 worth of damages.
AZ Family has the story

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