Andrew W.K Attempts Drumming World Record

Andrew W.K. is going to take a break from partying hard all the time to try and break the world record for longest drum session in a retail store. The whole stunt is part of Viacom's O Music Awards 24-hour live stream special taking part at the Oakley store in Times Square. The whole event itself is part of "Live Music Day" taking place tomorrow. Andrew W.K will be joined by a slew of celebrity drummers that will sit in and play with him and also act as a cheering section. The only drummer to be announced at this point is Questlove from The Roots. So how does one prepare for a record setting drum session? Practice. W.K. says he's been doing a lot of air drumming but with weights instead of sticks,
"I want to feel like it's harder than it is. I'd rather be over-prepared. Some of these I would consider the greatest drummers in the world. People that I've admired for years and years."

When asked if he'll have any outside help like caffeine or other substances W.K.told the press he was going at it raw,
"Substances -- they all have their values and should be respected and appreciated and used as one chooses to do so. But ... it's more a mindset. And a sense of urgency that's actually increased the older I've gotten. For whatever reason, the way that things have been arranged here by the gods is that you get this amount of time to exist in this form, and you don't know how much time -- it could end at any moment. So you really want to make the most of it. It's wanting not to be lazy. And,more importantly, to take advantage of every single second you have, be grateful for it and celebrate it. That's the party mindset: to celebrate being alive."

Andrew W.K. already holds one record in the music world, the song with the most mentions of the world "party".  Hollywood Reporter has the details

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